Where you go and what you do on the trip

Volunteer and make a lasting impact. Caritas Smile is a Non Profit program that uplifts communities in need through experiential travel. We visit at-risk communities in Latin American with our signature 1-week program taking travelers deep into the Dominican Republic.

Travel the Countryside Our volunteer trips take you off the well-trodden tourist paths and to the real community.

Learn the Culture One gracias goes a long way. Share authentic cultural depth with a welcoming community.

Leave your Mark Add to an in-need community by volunteering your time and energy.

Develop your Spirituality Hikes, meditation, yoga, dance classes, journaling. Participate in activities designed to strengthen your mindfulness

 Why You Should Go...

It's not about privilege, its about healing, kindness, and clarity. Every trip is holistically designed to leave you with a sense of purpose and healing. By incorporating mindfulness activities and helping others in need, you connect to your group and the community on an authentic level usually unachievable in everyday life.


Build a future

You will help to build a home for women and children living in poverty and make a real difference by taking action! 


Discover your purpose

After offering a lending hand in our  service community,  we hike, go to the river, explore the community and discover hidden treasures on the inside and outside of ourselves.  Giving you the meaningful human contact most of us crave.  


Make A Difference

It makes all the difference between feeling directionless and finding out what matters most to you in life… You will make a lasting impact by connecting with nature, building a home, teaching art to students, empowering those in need and having so mcuh fun while you change the world!

Here’s how this transformative volunteer trip works: 

You’ll have a quick consult  about the trip to answer any questions or help with worries We’ll meet up as a group to discuss what to bring and prepare for (personal needs welcome!) We’ll fly to the Dominican Republic and be transferred to our gorgeous accommodation for the next 6 nights. The view is simply breathtaking! We’ll get to work supporting the community in the most authentic way possible. PLUS: All meals home cooked using from ingredients in the garden! PLUS: I’ll be available 24/7 as your translator, guide, and mentor

Day 1

We'll be there to pick you up at the airport to take you to the Caritas Smile Guest Home. Welcome dinner celebration and time to get to know each other. Your life changing adventure starts esta noche!

Day 2

A day to give back and leave with our hearts more full than when we arrived.  A percentage of your program fee is used to help build a home for a family.

Day 3

Today we travel to the deep rural areas of Monción and prepare for our Art and English Service Project. We’ll be creating beautiful art with Dominican kids at a local school. 

Day 4

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS This is Caritas Smile signature program! Volunteers surprise and deliver educational supplies, toys, clothes to families in need.

Day 5

Our full beach day in this northern region will be unforgettable! We’ll celebrate our work by taking a boat tour and experience beach life. 

Day 6

On our last day in Dominican Republic we tour the beautiful city of Santiago. 

Departure Day

We'll take you to the airport and say our goodbyes. Everyone that has traveled with Caritas Smile always says "I can't wait for the next life-changing  trip." 

From our Caritas Volunteers...

"The strongest transformation I felt was this sudden realization of my identity and how I define it. Everything we saw like going into people’s homes, playing with them, trying to talk to them, etc., made me feel absolutely grateful for the life I have right now. That gratitude pushed me to think about what I can do to give back to the world and how I can live a happier life. I’d like to think each of us felt this transformation on a personal level, and that was something that we all shared."


-Daily practice of mindfulness meditation 
-Wake up to joy 
-Eat healthy, fresh meals 
-Make a difference in the world while gaining clarity and focus  
-Gain a greater sense of purpose -Practice the art of selfless service  
-Give your time and energy to the greater good  



January 2-8, 2020

ONE WEEK VOLUNTEER SERVICE PROGRAM INCLUDES: - Airport pick-up - Orientation, walking tour, and safety presentation - Official program certificate - ***Special Foot Excursions - Hiking and river tours - ***Beach day - Tropical end of week recap  ***Santiago - Tour of the monument and the city - *** Mindfulness morning program - Three meals a day - Letter of recommendation - Open 7 days a week, including holidays- we have great home base facilities! - Emergency contact 24/7 - Free coffee & tea - Security on site 24/7 
$899 Flight not included


  • Do I need to know how to Spanish?
    Absolutely not! You will always have someone near you who knows Spanish and can help you translate if necessary.
  • What should I bring?
    Definitely bring any donations or resources for the communities we will be working with (art supplies, toys, educational supplies, .), but also bring comfy clothing and shoes.
  • How do I sign up for this program?
    Just simply click one of the Register buttons above. You’ll be prompted to select the date you’d like to travel on, and then you’ll share your details and we will get in touch with you to get you ready to take your trip and change a life! 
  • Do I need to sign up with a team?
    No way! But if you're an educator, yoga, mindfulness practioner who is interested in bringing a group we can make it happen. If your traveling solo or with a group we want you to branch out and make new connections with the local community.
  • Is there an age limit?
    This LIFE CHANGING PROGRAM is open to anyone who is interested in making a transformative change. Ages range from 18-65.  We also LOVE mindfulness, yoga and meditation groups. Just get in contact with us, and we’ll create an unforgetable experience together.